YOUR FREE GIFT! Wall Guards for Pressure Gates (2 pack)

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About the product
  • BABY-PROOFING SIMPLIFIED: Enovoe's wall guards are a BREEZE TO INSTALL. No Tools Required! These oversized pads are a must-have that will protect your wall from pressure gates. Follow your safety pressure gate instructions and apply the wall guard pads in the spot where your spindle rod bumper pad would usually go.
  • PERFECT FOR RENTERS: These wall guards protect your beautiful wall from any damage. They disperse pressure to a larger area and the rubber grip pads stick to the walls to keep the gate from sliding or scratching your paint.The wall guards are also not permanent. To remove, simply release the pressure from the gate and remove the pads. It's that simple! Once removed, they can be reapplied just as easily.
  • COMPATIBILITY: These wall guards work with most pressure safety gates. They are great for tight fitting areas, wall trims at the bottom of the floor and even uneven surfaces.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Wall guards are designed with premium quality materials that won’t crack with pressure. If you’re looking to install a new baby gate or make your existing one more secure, Enovoe's the way to go. They remain in place and are built to last.

 NOTE: Gate Not Included.