Enovoe Stretchy Baby Carseat Canopy Cover

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  • Privacy in Public: Enjoy total privacy in the most crowded public places with 360-degree coverage. You can now nurse your baby with confidence anywhere you want. The cover drapes comfortably around the body with plenty of room for the baby. Best of all - it’s so easy to slip on and off.

  • Shield against Sun, Wind or Rain: The durable and resistant yet soft material will keep your baby safe from wind, sun and rain. You don’t have to think twice about taking your baby for a walk in the park anymore!

  • Safety from Germs: Protect your teething baby from germs in a dirty shopping cart or restaurant high chairs. The soft and stretchy material makes the hard surface much more comfortable for you baby and lets you enjoy your shopping or dining for longer.

  • Form meets Function: Not only is the carseat canopy super practical for every mom, it’s also extremely stylish. We guarantee you’ll get several compliments while wearing this as an infinity scarf.

  • Perfect for Year-round Use: This stretchy carseat cover keeps your baby cool duringthe summer and warm during the winter. Moreover, when you purchase from Enovoe, you enjoy a 365-day Money Back Guarantee and superior customer service. Any questions and message us and we’ll respond instantly.