Protect Your Upholstery the Right Way!

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Protect Your Upholstery the Right Way!


Little ones cannot keep their feet off the seat in front of them. It helps them prop themselves up when they start sliding into their seat, and feel a sense of stability and comfort. Unfortunately, however, this often has unintended consequences. Passengers in the front are often discomforted by the constant kicking and pushing into the seat. Additionally, this will often dirty and eventually damage your car’s interior permanently.


car seat protector kick mat



These kick mats are a great solution. They provide adequate protection to keep your car’s interior clean, while allowing your kids to use their feet and adjust themselves as necessary. The kick mats are constructed with quality materials and are built to last. They will complement your car’s interior maintain a sleek and clean look.

Give these a try; your only regret will be not grabbing a pair sooner.