Keep Your Baby Smiling and Your Crib Safe!

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Keep Your Baby Smiling and Your Crib Safe!


When moms get together, someone invariably has a story to tell about how their expensive new crib mattress was ruined because of an accident. A mattress should last you a long time, but only if taken care of. It does well to invest in a crib mattress protector pad that will keep spills and ”accidents” from seeping through and damaging the mattress.

Not only do these protect your mattress, they are also a breeze to clean. Simply, toss them in the washer. It’s that simple! This mattress pad, unlike others, has a soft top layer that you and your little one will love. There’s no noisy plastic to worry about. Furthermore, Enovoe’s packaging really stands out and makes a great gift.

Finally, customers often recommend purchasing at least two, so that you always have a second protector handy when the first is in the wash. Give this a try and experience the Enovoe difference!

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